Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Eve!

Well, It is New Years Eve! Another year has blown by so fast it almost feels unreal! Business continues to grow, things change and the guy looking back at me in the mirror, well he still looks the same but moves slower.. lol
This year has seen several life changers slip in under the radar, the biggest one was watching my oldest daughter graduate high school and start her higher education life, along with that comes the big move in with roomies and the nest getting a little less crowded. I still even after 6 or more years have not fully gotten past my son moving out and now another one? Holy cow! It feels a little like having your heart pulled out thru your chest I think! Bittersweet as it may be, I know they have to grow and learn and make their own way in the world but I don't have to fully like it do I? Seriously, I a, so proud of her and being able to make that leap with confidence, my little girl is so grown up but you know what, I still see her as if she was 9 in my eyes, same goes for my son who is 28 lol but don't tell them that :)
Market Common has seen some changes over this past year, new buildings popping up, more people buying and moving into the area, new business ventures starting up..... the world goes on.
Christmas here was warm, go figure! It's either a warm sunny Christmas or a warm wet Christmas most years here come on Santa, drop us some snow nest time!
We have added some new services to the shop, Full Color Copies and Black and White Copies, We still do Large Format but if you need copies in a hurry well we can knock them out fast. We have added small laminating services to out Large Format Laminating also. So many new things are in the works that you will have to stop in and see.
Well. headed out to see the New Year slide in with a few friends but plan to be back before Midnight to avoid road block, road checks and the stampede of over liquored drivers on the road! God bless you and keep you safe thru the rest of the Holiday weekend.
See you Next Year!

( Oh yeah, almost forgot, thats my daughter's photo coming off the printer in that photo, larger than life just like she always is! )

Friday, October 7, 2011


Ok... If you have not had the pulled pork AKA BBQ from Murray's, leave now and head over there before its all gone! He is also making this gynormous cake which I sorta tasted the frosting he is using on it and........... if he don't lock the door I'm gonna have to sneek back over there and grab a corner off that thing!
Seriously, they will be at the Taste of the Town next week and the stuff he is taking up there is terrific! ( and its not even the BBQ! ( which is some of hte best in town )...
Go see Murray and Mike and tell them you heard it here! Bon Appetit!

Things are getting back to a nice pace around the common..

Now that things are getting back to not so "summer" like, the weather is beautiful and we can actually take a breather now and then, its time to start planning for the holiday season coming up!
Once again I am planning on some very special private label goodies for my business gifts ( it drives my wife crazy )..
If you are looking for unique gift ideas, stop by and let us help you with your project, we do most all type signs and printing jobs large and small.
Oh and the photo... well that's just the HIS and HER version of the last of the Crown Vics... or atleast my version anyway  lol...
See ya soon!
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always something new posted there.
Working on a webpage but its is not my cup of tea and time is just never there to get it done, if ya have the time and work on websites, I may be able to afford you if you work for bologna and mac & cheese!  :)
( dont say I did not warn you it was a work just started and nowhere near what is should be )

Monday, March 21, 2011

Some of The MANY Reasons I Love My Wife.

This has been a great week, spring is peeking out from the cold of winter and flowers are starting to bloom. The sun warms me as I work outside and the days are getting longer with each rise daybreak. So I guess it is only natural to have a small tingle of spring fever, but to those of you who know my wife and soul mate, you know I have that tingle with each morning I wake up with her by my side so with that said, here is a simple list of things in no particular order which explains just a small part of why I love her so!
  1. She loves me.
  2. She lets me love her.
  3. She is funny (important to me).
  4. She thinks I’m funny (well… I tend to repeat jokes and stories, so she may not think as much of the material).
  5. She is very bright (math is a strength for her, not so much for me).
  6. She is smoking hot and gets hotter each day.
  7. She drives the car when we I don't feel like driving.
  8. She loves to work for God.
  9. She likes to do the Jumble in the paper.
  10. She is still a stunner (no one else has ever gotten my attention like she has).
  11. She takes good care of herself, but is not self-absorbed about her looks.
  12. She is detail oriented (I’m a big picture person, so we complement each other’s strengths).
  13. She is a great friend (I don’t have all that many).
  14. She is patient (important when dealing with me).
  15. She is a perfect fit in my arms.
  16. She is very independent (as am I, so we are good at leaving each other alone, when necessary).
  17. She doesn’t like me to bring her flowers (she sees it as a waste of money). I do it anyway.
  18. She is the same about cards for special occasions (for years we have gone to a card store, looked at them, picked one out, showed it to the other person, then said something like ”If I were going to buy a card – this is the one I would have bought you”).
  19. She doesn’t mind it if I occasionally buy her expensive jewelry.
  20. She is thrifty, but not cheap (except the time she bought this generic Peptic Bismuth stuff - ouch!).
  21. She doesn’t seem to mind when I bring up the Peptic Bismuth stuff.
  22. She likes the same kind of movies that I do or makes me think she does.
  23. She is compassionate towards those less fortunate than we are.
  24. She is a great mom to our kids.
  25. She actually loves me (I know, I used it to start, but it still surprises me).
  26. She has beautiful eyes.
  27. She loves our children.
  28. She prays and she prays for me.
  29. Tears of happiness on her are precious.
  30. Her beautiful hair glistens in the sun.
  31. I love her Laugh.
  32. She watches over my health even when I won't.
  33. She makes me eat my veggies.
  34. Best Hugs PERIOD!
  35. Her hands were made by God to fit mine perfectly!
  36. She spoons with me prefectly.
  37. She is humble but assertive.
  38. Her "come-hither" expression makes my knees weak.
  39. Her face is very expressive.
  40. Her lips are soft and kissable.
  41. She is the best slow dancer in the world and knows I only like to dance with her.
  42. The only time I don't miss her is when I am with her.
  43. She has a great deal of empathy for others.
  44. She has a beautiful smail.
  45. She thinks I am sexy.. Thank you lord for her bad eyesight! :)
  46. She rubs off my rough edges daily.
  47. She takes my breath away even from across a crowded room.
  48. I know she is sexy and tell her often.
  49. She stands her ground
  50. She is very smart.
  51. She has a great profile in the moonlight or a nightlight.
  52. She forgives me when I screw up.
  53. She is amused when I put my foot in my mouth. (which I do often)
  54. She is agood Christian woman.
  55. She says I love you and means it.
  56. She works in the Church nursery.
  57. She let's me tell the same old stories over and over again and smiles each time like it was new.
  58. She is a romantic
  59. She cries during movies.
  60. She is great at finding a deal.
  61. She knows the power of prayer.
  62. She gets mushy after a single glass of wine
  63. She tolerates my errors.
  64. Her skin is soft and fun to touch.
  65. She is faithful to me and to God.
  66. She makes me look good!
  67. Her hair smells good.
  68. She makes ever being single again a nightmare!'
  69. She can dine out anywhere not just the high end places and have fun too.
  70. Her face lights up even at the smallest gift or gesture I make.
  71. In a formal dress she is absolutely mind blowing!
  72. She puts up with my swearing problem (I'm a work in progress)'
  73. She make me go to Church even when I have the best "excuses" ever!
  75. She is a chocoholic and I love it.
  76. She gave us beautiful children.
  77. She gets upset over injustice.
  78. She needs all the covers to stay warm but lets me take them all most nights.
  79. Her clothes are tiny compared to mine.
  80. My world revolves around her she is my sunshine and my moonlight, my soul is forever linked to her, I would give my last breath to her without thinking of the cost. God placed her in my life for his reasons which I do not yet understand but I am thankful for that seemingly simple thing and I let God know every chance I get.
This is the short list I posted on facebook, some are not included above same are, the reasons change from day to day but only because the list gets longer.. For that I give thanks!

Some of why I love me wife. In
no special order...She is a people person. She’s smoking hot. She listens to great music. She thinks about stuff from a theological perspective. She is always very practically minded. She’s adventurous. She loves her family. She loves her Church and God. Her hands fit in mine perfectly. She has the best Hugs available. Her neck is long, graceful, beautiful, and fun to kiss. Her smile triggers an endorphin release in my brain. She taught me how to love her the right way (I'm still learning). She likes my cooking (or makes me belive she does). I brag about her to my friends and family because she is so easy to brag about. She's eminently cuddle-able. She lets me warm my cold hands on her back and feet on her legs (well sometimes I can get away with it). She is kind to children and small animals. She has a genuine concern for others. Did I mention her hands fit mine perfectly as God intended them to.
So thank you Debbi, thank you for being you and helping me to be me every day!

    Tuesday, January 18, 2011

    Just another day....

    Christmas rolled in, new years slipped by and now it is 2011. Funny how the years just fly by now, sometimes ya just have to stop and sit quietly and be a kid again.. Recently while at Cracker Barrel sitting there looking at my plate, I could not help but play with my food lol.... I know we tell our kids not to do it but ya know what, it's fun! Go ahead be a kid, let loose and just enjoy the simple things. The waitress even got a chuckle over it and my wife tossed in the greens to make the eyebrows!

    Next time you are thinking to yourself "adults don't do that" just go ahead and cut loose, be a kid and have fun!

    Wednesday, December 22, 2010

    Christmas is Almost Here!

    Rather than go on and on about all the hustle and bustle of Christmas, I would like to remind everyone the reason for the Holiday began nearly 2000 years ago in a small town in a far away land, a child was born to mankind that would forever change the way the world measure time and faith. That being said, this next part is for a good friend serving overseas this Christmas season..
    Paul Yerkin, this is for you!

    Twas the night before Christmas.
    He lived all alone,
    In a one bedroom house made of
    Plaster and Stone.
    I had come down the Chimney,
    With presents to give.
    And to see just who In this home
    did live.
    I looked all about
    A strange sight I did see.
    No tinsel, No presents,
    Not even a tree.
    No stocking by the mantle,
    Just boots filled with sand.
    On the wall hung pictures
    Of far distant lands.
    With medals and badges,
    Awards of all kinds,
    A sober thought
    Came through my mind.
    For this house was different,
    It was dark and dreary,
    I found the home of a soldier,
    Once I could see clearly.
    The soldier lay sleeping,
    Silent, alone,
    Curled up on the floor
    In this one bedroom home.
    The face was so gentle,
    The room in such disorder,
    Not how I pictured
    Was this the hero
    Of whom I'd just read?
    Curled up on a Poncho,
    The floor for a bed?
    I realized the families
    That I saw this night,
    Owed their lives to these soldiers
    Who were willing to fight.
    Soon round the world,
    The children would play,
    And grownup's would celebrate
    A bright Christmas Day.
    They all enjoyed freedom
    each month of the year,
    Because of the soldiers,
    Like the one lying here.
    I couldn't help wonder
    How many lay alone,
    On a cold Christmas Eve
    In a land far from home.
    The very thought
    Brought a tear to my eye,
    I dropped to my knees
    And started to Cry.
    The soldier awakened
    And I heard a rough voice,
    "Santa don't cry,
    This life is my choice."
    The solider rolled over
    And drifted to sleep,
    I couldn't control it,
    I continued to weep.
    I kept watch for hours,
    So silent and still
    And we both shivered
    From the cold nights chill.
    I didn't want to leave
    On that cold, dark, night,
    This guardian of Honor
    So willing to fight.
    The solider rolled over,
    With a voice soft and pure,
    Whispered, "Carry on Santa,
    It's Christmas Day, All is secure."
    One look at my watch,
    And I knew he was right.
    "Merry Christmas my friend, And to all a good night."

    Carry On Soldier, Everyone at home waits for your return..

    Thursday, November 25, 2010

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Was up at 5am to get the ham and baked mac and cheese started, all was quiet in the house. I was thinking of all the missed opportunities I have let pass me by because of a perception of time and the lack of spending it wisely. On that thought, there is a list to help us remember the way we should spend each day, not just Thanksgiving.
    1. Let the turkey be the only one to be mute and thankless at the Thanksgiving table.
    2. Base your thankfulness not on circumstances but on God’s faithfulness.
    3. Make a plan to eat right, spend wisely, breathe deeply and maintain realistic expectations.
    4. Cancel all relational debts and be the first to bring healing.
    5. Choose to create beautiful memories found in the investment of quality time and shared experiences.
    6. Remember that unexpressed love is the greatest regret of all.
    7. God entrusted you with some family members that you did not choose because he trusts you to love them unconditionally.
    8. The early pilgrims sought the freedom to worship God and a true celebration of Thanksgiving will never be found in a mission less noble.
    9. God rested on the seventh day of creation and in so doing taught us to pace ourselves.
    10. The holidays are prime for having a profound effect upon the life of another at a time when they are most receptive.

    May each of you have a blessed Holiday Season, a terrific Thanksgiving gathering of family and friends and a life filled with love and joy.
    I know as this day progresses I will be with a group of family and friends that I cherish, some will not be able to be here and some will have passed on ahead of me but all of them I carry with me each day.
    Don't miss an opportunity to speak a kind word or to share a smile, a chance missed is one you never get back and couldend up in regret.

    Gods Love and Mercy be with you all.